Railway Signals

Railway Signals

Railway signals are intended to provide information to the train engineer on how to proceed. The SK type traffic light consists of: a signal lamp, a signal mast and additional equipment components, i.e. light strips, illuminated indicators, and foundation base.

Signal lamps have a modular design; consisting of individual chambers made of polyester-glass fibre laminate. The production technology makes the product resistant to adverse weather conditions, allows for long, trouble-free operation, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

LST-5R signal lamps are manufactured with an incandescent light source, LED light source and in a special METRO version - adapted for use on underground lines.

The design of the LST-5R lamp ensures compatibility with all types of semaphore masts manufactured in Poland.

SKT-6R dwarf signalling devices have a low weight, which significantly simplifies their transport. They are adapted for mounting on steel or concrete bases and for connecting a typical cable box. They can be made in a two-chamber version acting as a maneuvering repeater or in a variation of two to six chambers as a dwarf semaphore.

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