Remote traffic control and management system MOR-2lcsr

Remote traffic control and management system MOR-2lcsr

MOR-2lcsr is a system of the topmost layer of rail traffic control, which allows remote control and directing of rail traffic from the section control room which is a part of remote traffic management.

MOR-2lcsr is designed for remote railway traffic control for railway lines and other areas such as branch lines or sidings.

System provides the following functions:

  • controlling base layer devices (dependencies) at remote-controlled stations;
  • announcing trains on tangential routes;
  • support of traffic management and supervision in the area of Remote Traffic Management, including:
    • visualization of train numbers and train tracking;
    • displaying and entering of the timetable;
    • train traffic registration;
  • dispatch control;
  • electronic announcement of trains and communication between train dispatchers;

The main program modules of the MOR 2lcsr system are:

  • Central Operator Station(CSO);
  • Central Traffic Processor (CPR);
  • Tangential Stations Terminal (TSS);
  • Technical Terminal (TT);
  • Control Area Mapping Module (ZOS);
  • Communication Server (SKOM);
  • Communication Manager (MKOM);
  • Level Crossing Operator's Terminal (TDP);
  • Dispatch Supervision Terminal (TND);
  • Electronic Traffic Journal (EDR).

MOR-2lcsr is ready to cooperate with the Operational Work Registration System (pl. SEPE- System Ewidencji Pracy Eksploatacyjnej) by downloading timetable data and uploading information about the current railway traffic situation. Collected data are presented in a graphical form.

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